Become a NRA Instructor in Texas with Sgt Damon Ing

NRA Instructor Pistol Shooting Course

Over 1.3M Texans currently have their License to Carry (LTC) a handgun.  However, to receive that license they must be instructed by a qualified NRA Instructor.

Gun Instructors are a critical piece to the process and many are interested in becoming instructors for a variety of reasons to include extra income, a sense of duty, they love to teach, and possibly are concerned about the state of our society when viewing the news and knowing they can help get the general public equipped to deal with violence and appreciate their gun rights in our great nation.

Sgt Ing is a NRA Certified Gun Instructor to the police in the DFW area and to the public.  The required instructors level course is a 2-day pistol course that will equip you with your unique mission.


Next class date is fast-approaching and is scheduled for July 14 & 15 (Sat. and Sun.) at:

Homewood Suites
2200 Charlie Lane
Fort Worth, TX 76104

Contact: 817.819.1680

Cost is $200, Register today!

You will need 200 rounds and your firearm. Tell a friend.

Please read the description carefully: To attend this course – all candidates must have successfully completed the NRA Basic Pistol Student Class. This is the Instructor course required by Texas DPS for entrance into the Texas LTC class.This course, if completed successfully, will certify you as an NRA Pistol instructor, the fee for the class is only the opportunity to be provided certification. If any of the course requirements are not met, there is no refund of any kind. This 2 day course is the BIT course as well. All NRA lesson plans, materials & range fees are included. On day 1 you will need to also bring your eye/ear protection as well as 200 rounds of ammunition. ALL CANDIDATES MUST be proficient in their firearm and exercise range and firearm safety at all times. You will be REQUIRED on day ONE; to qualify at a distance of 15 yards, 20 rounds in a 6 inch group, you are allowed 4 misses. This class must have a minimum of 4 students to make. ALL CLASSROOM MATERIALS ARE INCLUDED.

Link to the course required in the state of Texas:  NRA Pre-Course Qualification Details

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