Front Sight Firearms Training Institute – Brian Pavey, Independent Promoter

Brian Pavey
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Brian Pavey independent promoter of Front Sight Training Institute is representing membership to gun show attendees and his network across the country.

San Francisco, CA, June 9-10

To become a member after reviewing the information below, sign-up with the promo code: FSAmb or mention Brian Pavey or Front Sight to be included in our exclusive network of benefits we are developing to add value this alliance with Brian and his team(s).  Brian will also be appearing in our media this year as he champions the National Association for Legal Gun Defense aka


You can text or call Brian at 916.941.5450


Hashtags:  #FrontSight #SelfDefenseFund

In this interview introduction, Kevin talks with Brian about Front Sight and the Cross Roads of the West Gun Show in San Francisco gun show held a few months ago (9/23 & 9/24):

No legal defense offers what offers the sheep dog community and families across America, U.S. Territories, and Tribal Lands for one low-price.  We are not an insurance or a reimbursement plan and will defend you to the U.S. Supreme Court if necessary for both civil and criminal legal jeopardy.

Recently published comprehensive comparison chart by Virginia Citizens Legal Defense as o 10.31.17. Each featured company provided their own responses (click image or link below to review this comparison matrix): (click here to review plans comparison by Virginia Citizens Defense League)

You are covered via contractual agreement with no “out clauses” or “fine print” and limitations that leave you exposed.  We cover you in the use of any weapon in self-defense (any weapon – knives, gun, martial arts, K-9, rocks, swords, etc.), we cover you in an “abuse of power” situation under Victim’s Rights (you don’t lose rights when you become a member) and we cover children for “bullying” under the same terms for self-defense, and more.

“You’ve just defended yourself with a gun!” (click video)

Comprehensive coverage like no other.  Don’t get misled by competing brands with good marketing and name recognition.  People are discovering that beats all of the others.  You will have peace-of-mind knowing we are there to fight for you aggressively.  Review terms and conditions here:  (Promo Code: FSAmb or Front Sight)

As seen and heard on The Savage Nation with Michael Savage, Bloomberg Radio, The Biz Radio Network on The Price of Business with Kevin Price, US Daily Review, USA Business Radio, American Voice Radio Network, Bryan Blue TV, Hank FM Radio with Erin Wilde,, and The Amazing Doc Greene Radio Show. has attended numerous gun shows across the country and has been affiliated with some of the largest “grass roots” gun rights group in the country.

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