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Daniel Martin, Chief Instructor of Bellicose Life Retention, is a veteran Marine Infantryman, Combat Marksmanship Coach, and graduate of the I MEF Special Operations Training Group Raid Leader’s Course, Daniel is a Texas Department of Public Safety License to Carry Instructor and has held NRA Certifications as a Pistol and Shotgun Instructor as well as a Range Safety Officer.

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The Texas License to Carry Course meets all of the requirements under government and administrative code for citizens to apply for licensure from the Texas Department of Public Safety. The Bellicose Life Retention Pistol Carry Level 1 Certification is taught concurrently with our LTC course, adding value to our courses over our competitors. The Pistol Carry Level 1 Exam covers most of the same material as the DPS-issued exam, but it is considerably more extensive. The LTC range qualification must be passed with a 70% score, the BLR Pistol Carry Level 1 Certification also requires 70%, but shooters who score 90% or greater will be Certified with Distinction!


Bellicose Life Retention also offers our Pistol Carry Level 2 Certification, Basic Handgun, Basic Rifle, Modern Sporting Rifle (AR-15), and Defensive Rifle.

FREE LICENSE TO CARRY COURSES: Students who refer 5 additional students to attend with them will pay half price for their License to Carry / Pistol Carry Level 1 Course! Students who refer 10 additional students to attend with them will attend the course FOR FREE. Students who refer in 15 or more concurrent attendees will have their course for free AND discount the class fees of all of their referrals!

TEACHERS: Teachers and school administration with a valid employee ID will receive discounts. Teachers whose employers will authorize them to carry in the course of their employment will receive their LTC/Pistol Carry Level 1 training FREE and discounted rates for any referrals who attend concurrently.

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Chief took this stage with the highest score in his squad! The monthly Open Carry Challenge at Area 59 is a great event!

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Direct:  713.491.2762


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As seen and heard on The Savage Nation with Michael Savage, Bloomberg Radio, The Biz Radio Network on The Price of Business with Kevin Price, US Daily Review, USA Business Radio, American Voice Radio Network, Bryan Blue TV, Hank FM Radio with Erin Wilde,, and The Amazing Doc Greene Radio Show. has attended numerous gun shows across the country and has been affiliated with some of the largest “grass roots” gun rights group in the country.

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