Hunting & Fishing Terms & Conditions Agreement






SDF Membership, offers for separate consideration a Hunting and Fishing program known as the [Hunter Fishing Coverage (HFC)] as an optional legal services plan that may be added to the Self Defense Fund program. The legal services described herein are only available to a SDF member who elects to add this optional service for separate and additional consideration to their Self Defense Fund Membership and who has selected the optional HFC and paid the separate and additional consideration for the HFC benefits.

  1. MEMBERSHIP HUNTING & FISHING COVERAGE. Hunting and Fishing Violations If a Hunter or Fisher has a hunting and/or fishing violation then the lawyers in the membership association, who some are former prosecutors and/or judges, and know the law and know how to aggressively defend the HFC member. HFC defends outdoor recreation law violation cases in all state and federal courts for all hunting and fishing violations, including but not limited to, the following alleged wildlife violations or allegations: See item 2.
  2. MEMBERSHIP AREAS OF COVERAGE: The Member may use the total amount for a combination of, but not limited to, any or all of the following:

The Association For Legal Gun Defense (AFLGD), hereinafter known as the Self-Defense Fund (SDF) and optional hunting & fishing coverage (HFC) or a combination thereof, agrees to pay unlimited attorney fees plus up to One Million or Ten Million US Dollars pursuant to your elected coverage plan, per occurrence, per person, which can be used by licensed, certified and qualified personnel which have been prior approved and vetted by SDF, employed by, or contracted to, such as but not limited to, extra Attorneys’, Expert Witness, Private Investigator, Bail Bondsman, or Forensic Testing Laboratory.

3. MEMBERSHIP AREAS OF COVERAGE: Areas of coverage are in your domicile city, all fifty states, all United States Territories, Native American Indian Tribal Land, Federal or State Parks. Membership will provide legal defense and assistance for any of the hunting & fishing violations as listed above. HFC qualified attorneys will aggressively pursue and defend you.

4. PAYMENT OF CLAIMS: No cash payment is paid directly to any member for anything. You cannot act on your own. You must contact SDF as soon as possible. Bail (if needed) will be paid directly to the bail bonds company by SDF. You cannot pay your own bail and expect reimbursement. You cannot hire or pay your own attorney and expect reimbursement. Only SDF qualified attorneys can defend you against criminal or civil litigation brought against you.

5. CRIMINIAL AND CIVIL DEFENSE COVERAGE USING A WEAPON: The HFC applicant or member must also be a paid member of the Self-Defense Fund (SDF) to be represented in criminal and/or civil charges for the use of a weapon as defined in the HFC and the SDF terms and conditions of membership located and available on every application page of the website.

6. MEMBERSHIP REQUIREMENTS. By executing the website online application the applicant acknowledges receipt of the HFC Terms and Conditions of Membership and certifies that he or she has read and fully understands the Terms and Conditions of Membership. The applicant agrees that he/she has had the opportunity to ask questions and receive answers before and after the application by contacting the association at 682-238-8161 and/or via email at It is mutually agreed and understood that this Agreement, as written, covers all the stipulations by and between the Member and HFC and SDF, and no representations or statements oral or written. The applicant agrees to be fully bound by the terms and conditions agreement as amended from time to time by HFC and SDF.

Applicant agrees to pay up-front membership dues or fee(s) as stated in and on the website, and chosen by the applicant. The Membership dues are an auto-renew recurring charge and is non-refundable except for no acceptance of Membership. The Membership shall commence on the time and date the application is submitted online and being more fully described below.

Applicant agrees to pay up-front membership dues or fee(s) as stated in and on the website, and chosen by the applicant. The Membership dues are an auto-renew recurring charge and is non-refundable except for no acceptance of Membership. The Membership shall commence on the time and date the application is submitted online and being more fully described below.

No Application for membership shall be effective until:

a) The Application is completed by the Prospective Member and submitted to HFC with the required Membership Dues;

b) The dues are paid in full in accordance with the HFC Terms and Conditions of this Agreement;

c) A Payment Authorization is submitted to AFLGD (HFC) with the correct credit or debit card information providing for payment of the Membership Dues if applicant has applied for membership by a paper form and not by the electronic application on the website;

d) The Application is approved and accepted by AFLGD (HFC).

7. FALSE DOCUMENTS, MISLEADING INFORMATION, FRAUDULENT APPLICATION: If a Membership is approved by AFLGD (HFC) (SDF) and it is later determined that the application and/or claims made for coverage was falsely submitted and/or the Member misrepresented his or her personal qualifying information by submitting a claim then AFLGD (HFC) (SDF) has the right to terminate their Membership at our discretion with no refund of the Dues paid in the past or present and all Membership Privileges become null and void. If an AFLGD (HFC) (SDF) attorney or any other attorney is assigned or recommended to the defense of a Member and it is latter determined that the individual made, used, said, or caused to be made or used a false record or statement and/or it is latter determined by new information or documents that does not support the claim of self-defense then all Membership Privileges become null and void.

8. MEMBERS AND HFC’s RIGHT TO CANCEL: You may cancel your membership at any time by written letter, email, or phone call. Cancelation will be effective at the time and date received by the AFLGD (HFC) (SDF) staff. It is agreed that the SDF has the right, pursuant to the terms and conditions of this agreement, to not pay any claim in whole or in part and/or refuse and/or cancel membership at any time for any or no reason

9. CHANGES IN THE TERMS AND CONDITIONS OF MEMBERSHIP: If and when any changes are made by AFLGD (HFC) (SDF) then any active member that does not agree to the change(s) then the member has the option to opt-out if he or she disagrees with any modifications or changes made by AFLGD (HFC). The Terms and Conditions of Membership are posted on the website. Any such changes shall be binding on you. Member agrees that it is his or her sole responsibility to keep up with any change(s) posted on the Website

10. CHANGES IN THE MEMBERSHIP PRIVILEGES: Any active member has the option to opt-out if he or she disagrees with any modifications or changes made by AFLGD (HFC) (SDF). We reserve the right to add, eliminate or change any published Membership benefit or coverage at any time at the sole discretion of AFLGD (HFC) (SDF). The Membership privileges at any time shall be as posted on the web-site or as otherwise communicated to the Members. Such changes shall be effective on the date such revised Membership benefits are posted to the web-site or communicated to the Members.

11.PAYMENT OF MEMBERSHIP DUES: Dues shall be due and payable at the original time of application and auto-renewed on the anniversary date and time of each month or year as selected on the application.

12. NOTIFICATIONS TO RECEIVE ASSISTANCE: The member should call the Emergency Assistance number on their membership ID card as soon as possible. The call will be answered by a live person and recorded. An attorney will contact you if not in jail for details. If the member is in jail then give the name of the Jail, City, State, and contact phone number, if known, for the attorney to communicate with that facility.

13. INDEMNITY: By execution of the application you agree to defend, indemnify and hold harmless the AFLGD (HFC) (SDF) owners, board members, officers, employees, affiliates, successors and assigns, to include but not limited to, their immediate family members from and against any claims, lawsuits, damages, liabilities, expenses or cost that may occur, including all cost for claims and/or damages against AFLGD (HFC) (SDF) arising out of or resulting from the acts or omissions of the member, members family, successors or assigns.

14. RESOLUTION OF DISPUTES: All disputes arising out of differences between the Members and AFLGD (HFC) (SDF) that are not resolvable by good faith negotiations by the same, shall regardless of any statute or law to the contrary in any state, province, territory, county, or nation including any legal claim or cause of action arising from the past, present, or future, must be filed before the one (1) year anniversary date of the first original membership date or be forever barred from taking any action against AFLGD (HFC) (SDF).  This agreement is constructed according to the laws of the State of Wyoming, and is performable only in the City of Cheyenne, Laramie County, Wyoming.  The courts located in the State of Wyoming, Federal, or State, shall have exclusive jurisdiction to here and determine all claims, disputes, controversies, and actions arising from or relating to disputes by and between a member and the AFLGD (HFC) (SDF), the “Parties” and any of its terms or provisions, or to any relationship between the Parties hereto, and venue shall be in the courts located in the City of Cheyenne, Laramie County, Wyoming.

15. GENERAL COMMUNICATION AND NOTICES: All routine business communication by and between the member and AFLGD (HFC) (SDF) shall be by e-mail, or USPS First Class Mail, or by phone call on the administrative office phone 682-238-8161.

16. ELECTRONIC COMMUNICATION: All official communication by and between the AFLGD and/or Agents shall be by electronic communication meaning communication from a computer to a computer which includes, but not limited to, data communication, or email which may or may not be secure or encrypted and all agree to a hard copy paper waiver. The AFLGD computers use technology to assure safe electronic data exchange by use of Authentication and Affirmation of the user by establishing that the Authenticated user took a specific action requiring intent by selecting a checkbox to acknowledge of a statement and/or an email login using a username and password Affirmation.

a) AUTHENTICATION: The use of a unique identifier for each person who is authorized to access services such as full name, email address or other information stored in our database

b) AFFIRMATION: Given an authenticated user (above) the website may prompt the user to respond to questions and store the results so that they may be reviewed and acted on.

c) The AFLGD website presents to each user data entry fields, and/or checkbox(s) to acknowledge agreement with the data collected, and a button to record the data fields and/or checkbox(s) and the user is provided a mechanism to “undo” or “Reset” to manage change(s). The data entered by the user provides an audit trail, searchable by the data entered and other fields using common database access tools, showing actions taken by users. This information is then used within our system to limit or allow activity.

17. SIGNATURE: Pursuant to the above Items Authentication and Affirmation the user understands the meaning of and use of an e-signature and hereto certifies knowledge of same and hereby authorizes the AFLGD (HFC) (SDF) to accept their e-signature and that he or she waives their hand written signature as evidence of acceptance of all electronic communication. This agreement is composed of the Declarations, the Specialty Liability Coverage, Specialty Liability Terms and Conditions, and any endorsement attached hereto, if any, constitute the entire agreement by and between the Association For Legal Gun Defense, LLC and the covered member which is executed and effective on the start date and time of the membership application and payment has been received (the “Effective Date”) by the Named Member(s) and by AFLGD (HFC) (SDF).

To the extent permitted by applicable Law, none of the parties hereto shall assert, and each party hereby waives, any claim against each of the other parties and their respective affiliates, members of the board of directors, employees, attorneys, agents or sub-agents, on any theory of liability, for special, indirect, consequential or punitive damages (as opposed to direct or actual damages) (whether or not the claim therefor is based on contract, tort or duty imposed by any applicable legal requirement) arising out of, in connection with, as a result of, or in any way related to, this Agreement or any other document or any agreement or instrument contemplated hereby or thereby or referred to herein or therein, the transactions contemplated hereby or thereby, any act(s) or omission(s) or event(s) occurring in connection therewith, and each party hereby waives, releases and agrees not to sue upon any such claim or any such damages, whether or not accrued and whether or not known or suspected to exist in its favor

18. MISCELLANEOUS: AFLGD (HFC) (SDF) will accept an application for Membership from any individual that meets the requirements established by AFLGD (HFC) (SDF) without regard to race, color, creed, gender, religion or national origin, nor shall such matters ever be made a condition of Membership. The Membership is personal to the Member and may not be transferred or assigned at any time to any other person. In the event of the death of the Member the Membership is terminated and it shall be the responsibility of the surviving to notify AFLGD (HFC) (SDF).

You acknowledge that there have been no promises, warranties or representations, express or implied, pertaining directly or indirectly to the Membership which are not contained herein, in the Application or on the AFLGD (HFC) (SDF) web-site. You acknowledge that Membership is legal services and is not an insurance policy and has never been represented, implied, said, inferred, promised, or guaranteed, that it is, or was, insurance.