License to Carry Instruction and What to Look For in an Instructor

Approximately 1.3 M License Holders in Texas

Fort Worth, Texas (July 6, 2018) – Many Americans have decided to pursue a gun carry license in their prospective states where required.  Many gun instructors are required to go through the NRA to be recognized by their state to be considered a gun trainer/instructor for state license training requirement.

You may be late to the game in Texas, but licensing is not as difficult as it once was and getting proper guidance is key.

“There are a lot of great gun instructors in Texas,” says Sgt Damon Ing, Police and NRA Firearms Instructor, “As the market becomes saturated, I wanted to provide a little bit of guidance when identifying an instructor for your needs.”

Visit: on more details on license requirement and training continues to provide a platform for people like Sgt Ing who are providing life-saving information and community support. is a comprehensive litigation protection membership covering individuals, families and businesses in regards to personal protection with the use of any weapon in all 50 states, U.S. Territories and Tribal Lands.

For more information on the National Association for Legal Gun Defense please visit:


About Sgt. Damon Ing:         

Sgt Damon Ing is a premiere gun instructor based in Texas, trains across the state and has been featured  on the History Channel, The Price of Business with Award-winning Journalist and Radio Personality Kevin Price, The Amazing Doc Greene Radio Show, and for his work with the Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders. His classes are fun, informative, and offer life-saving tips to help his students on their journey to becoming informed gun owners and carriers.  He is also a member of and recommends it to his students.

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