Federal Firearms License

Federal Firearms License Protection Plan
$49.95 Per Month For the License Holder
Defend your FFL from attacks of the ATF with unlimited attorney fees plus one million dollars per person – per occurrence

The Federal Firearms License (FFL) coverage is for our members who own, buy, sell, build, collect, or make parts for firearms. If you operate from your home, internet, or from an established store, and you ship items across state lines or within your own state using the United States Postal Service (USPS) or others the Self Defense Fund (SDF) group of attorneys will defend its FFL members up to 1 Million Dollars, per occurrence, from proceedings of the Bureau of Alcohol Tobacco Firearms and Explosives, more commonly known as the ATF, when the bureau is in the process of, threatened to, or has filed against a SDF member for ATF violations either real or perceived.

ATF proceedings is a broad term and can mean many things, such as but not limited to, threats, revocation of FFL license, shipping violations, paperwork violations, omissions & errors, etc.

The coverage does not apply to inventory theft or loss, your time and expenses to participate in routine compliance reviews, audits or inspections or violations resulting from blatant or flagrant criminal activity.

The ATF is one of the most powerful law enforcement agencies in the nation. They have prosecuted individuals aggressively going after them with the benefits of having vast resources available.

When you are facing federal charges involving weapons violation, either real or perceived, it is imperative you have a federal crime lawyer protecting your rights. You can expect that your case will be thoroughly investigated and documented by the ATF, so in order to fight the charges you must have an equally aggressive defense working on your behalf.

The SDF is a one million dollar fund, per individual member, sponsored by membership in the National Association for Legal Gun Defense. If you own a business, the dues paid to the association are tax deductible.

Federal Firearms License