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SDF Offers Fee DVD Video Instruction by certified professional instructors.  There are no interactive online personal instructors classes.

In today’s times people are working and learning remotely. At SDF we offer virtual training using Virtual Instructor-Led Training. You learn at your own pace. Instructor lead classes include the following and much more.
• Psychology of Aggression and Mental Shock
• Unarmed Survival Skills, Disarms and Mutable Attacker Defense
• Shooting from your Vehicle
• Emergency First Aid and Safety Skills
• Urban and Woodland Survival skills
• Crisis preparation for Home, on the Road and Office
• Setting Up a Active Killer Response Bag
• Tactical Team Work and Movement
• Methodology and Leadership Skills for a Crisis
• Advanced Concealed Carry
• Basic First Aid
• 1911 .45 Automatic Maintenance
• Beretta 92F Maintenance
• Blunt Trama First Aid
• Close Distance Defensive Shooting
• Complete CPR
• Concealed Carry
• Defensive Cane Fighting
• Dynamic Drills for Defensive Shooting
• Extreme Accuracy – The One mile Shot
• FAA Air Marshall Qualification Pistol Drill
• Fundamentals of Defensive Shooting
• Glock Maintenance
• Gunshot Wound First Aid
• Handgun Basics for Self-Defense
• Handguns 101
• High Speed Handguns
• Home Personal Defense Shotgun
• Home Survival and Handguns for Women
• House clearing and Cornering
• How to Shoot Fast & Accurately
• Knife Wound First Aid
• Know What They Know – Stay Out of Jail
• Lasers for Defensive Handguns
• Lawyer Tricks in the Courtroom
• Lights for Defensive Handguns
• Mastering The Combat Shotgun
• Move! Shoot! Live!
• Night Master “Low Light: Shooting & Flashlight Techniques
• NRA Bullseye – Competition Basics
• Pepper Spray
• Underwater Shooting
• Way Advanced Concealed Carry
• What to Do & Say When Dealing With the Police
• Women – Live To Tell About It
• Women, Be Your Own Body Guard
• Women’s Guide to Firearms



DVD Video Class Instructors.

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All classes are FREE to members