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Train and Learn From The #1 Rated Instructor in Texas. Take your Texas License To Carry (LTC) class with a NRA Certified Instructor.

SGT Damon Ing

Give me a call at 817-819-1680 or send me an email. Calls and emails are usually returned within the same business day. I look forward to hearing from you.


You will learn when it is justified to use “Deadly Force,” when & where to carry. License To Carry students will learn how to avoid an arrest from a police officer. You can have all your legal questions answered from legal professionals.

For our Private Security students you finish fully qualified as a security officer. Call 817-819-1680 for security officer class schedule.

We have students from all over the state who come to Fort Worth just to take this class and learn from the best.

We offer the most robust and intensive LTC and Private Security Officer training in the state. We have been offering quality LTC classes taught by police officers from local jurisdictions since 1999. Security Officer training started in 2017. When your life and safety is at risk it is imperative that you learn from professionals in the business. Our LTC classes are taught on Saturdays from 9am-2pm including an hour for range qualification. We instruct on topics such as penal law, procedures when you get pulled over with a firearm onboard, Administrative law pertaining to LTC, and Safe storage and handling of firearms.

Our instructors are active duty police officers, licensed by the State of Texas as Police Firearms Instructors, NRA National Rifle Association Firearms Instructors, and Concealed Handgun License Instructors. Sgt. Damon Ing and David England have years of police experience that they bring to the learning environment.

Sgt. Damon Ing; NRA/CHL Instructor; NRA Certified Range Safety Officer; Small Arms and Rifle Instructor; Non-Lethal Instructor – Taser; Law Enforcement Instructor

Ralph Severe (Carrolton and East Texas)
War Wolf Tactical Training (Free)


War Wolf Tactical Training ‘WWTT’ is led by Ralph Severe, a senior firearms and martial arts instructor, expert in Filipino and Japanese weaponry, and a specialist in tactical firearm strategies, tactics and skills for the everyday mom and dad.

The training offered is appropriate for homeowners, moms and dads, as well as military, law enforcement, security professionals,and anyone concerned about their ability to thrive in a hostile escalating violent society.

For over 40 years, Ralph has devoted himself to researching and developing natural stimulus responses to violent enabling factors and has taught over 450 firearm classes to date 10/17. Ralph does not teach target shooting or LTC classes. All classes are focused on firearms for survival.

Ralph conducts 2 classes a month from September to April and 1 class each month May to August each year Classes are held in the Dallas area, WWTT is a non sport, to the point, no BS approach for adults and best of all are generally “free” to adults who qualify and have the proper gear for training.

The classes by Ralph can show you:

  • Psychology of Aggression and Mental Shock
  • Unarmed Survival Skills, Disarms and Mutable Attacker Defense
  • Shooting from your Vehicle
  • Emergency First Aid and Safety Skills
  • Urban and Woodland Survival skills
  • Crisis preparation for Home, on the Road and Office
  • Setting Up a Active Killer Response Bag
  • Tactical Team Work and Movement
  • Methodology and Leadership Skills for a Crisis

Direct: 214.868.6292

Kevin L. Gutierrez
(575) 631-4835
Hobbs, New Mexico
License Rifle and Pistol Instructor LEO
State of New Mexico

Azle, Texas

Karen Ogea, NRA Certified Pistol Instructor/USCCA Certified Instructor
Eric Ogea, LTC and NRA Certified Instructor/USCCA Certified Instructor
ProTex Firearms Training, Owner
Phone:  817.704.4774

Houston, Texas

High Standard Tactical – Daniel Martin, Marine Veteran

Chief took this stage with the highest score in his squad! The monthly Open Carry Challenge at Area 59 is a great event!

Posted by High Standard Tactical on Sunday, June 3, 2018

Contact Daniel:
Direct:  713.491.2762