You are not alone. Domestic Violence and Victim’s Rights never sleeps. We are here for our members when emergencies happen.

We don’t just cover guns or weapons, we protect our members under victim’s rights in an abusive situation. When domestic violence strikes, our members are protected. Listen to this live call to our 24-hour emergency line as it happened (not paid actors). The voices have been muffled to protect the identity of our member.

What you heard was the report by our member of her abuser who made a false accusation against her (which will be verified under open records). This mother of 3 small children did the right thing by trying to call 911. She was restricted by the assailant and a neighbor had to call for her instead, when she heard screams from our member. The abuser by interfering with her emergency 911 call for help, may have actually broken the law.


To learn more about your protection please visit: under member’s terms and conditions.

DISCLAIMER: ONLY AN ATTORNEY CAN GIVE LEGAL ADVICE. This information is provided as a general overview of self-defense cases. It is not intended to serve as legal advice or statutory interpretation for any given jurisdiction. The SDF keeps track of self-defense cases as a part of our continuing education on how other cases have been handled in the justice system and to keep our members armed with knowledge. Members can be assured that they will be aggressively defended.

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